Aesthetic Recovery Care

“Rest for Revival"

“I am passionate about providing a service of care, holistic health and expertise that balances the need for the aftercare protocol. I’m loyal, ethical, professional and above all extremely dedicated to my profession and patients.

I pride myself on being an integral part in their healing venture. Recovery is both a physical and psychological journey that begins with rest and good nutrition. My care service provides this and more.”

Postoperative care is vitally important to make a full recovery and achieve the optimal results of the surgery. Contact Aesthetic Recovery Care to discuss your individual needs for a tailor-made package for your stay.

Nathalie trained and worked in Paris, France. She is passionate about the human being and the integral functioning of the whole person. Her incredible optimism, positive energy and support are the essential qualities for the benefit of the patient. She has worked alongside some of South Africa’s best renowned plastic surgeons as a Surgical Assistant in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and has over 28 years’ experience. She founded Aesthetic Recovery Care knowing that her professional expertise will enhance the recovery journey of her patients.
Nathalie is committed to the high level of care that any patient requires after their procedure.


Travelling from abroad, I decided to stay with Nathalie instead of recovering in hospital. You simply cannot compare the two settings though. Staying with Nathalie gives you a home, a home tucked away in a secret paradise. No people, no noise, no stress and no hospital beds.
The French Cuisine was to die for. Every dish, side dish and piece of fruit bursting with flavour. Completely tailored to my health and dietary requirements. I’m not a big eater but I started looking forward to mealtimes just to see what the new flavours would bring. I’ve never rested so well anywhere. My medication and post op protocol completely in Nathalie’s hands. Nothing to remember, nothing to worry about.
I cannot recommended Nathalie highly enough. It’s like staying in a day spa 24/7 and it’s easy to forget that you’re actually recovering.
Thank you Nathalie!
Nell C

It was only a short stay, but thank you for taking such good care of me. The beautiful surroundings, hearty, healthy food and expert care is all anyone would need to make a good recovery.

Remina Quintal

Dearest Nathalie

After my invasive procedure with Dr Nerina Wilkinson, she highly recommended your aftercare, as my procedure required a professionally trained person to take care of my wounds and emotional well-being.

You transported me from the clinic straight after the procedure to your lovely cottage on the top parts of Table Mountain, where I was surrounded with the most breathtaking views, fauna and flora.

I felt comfortable straight away. Your lovely nurturing and calm persona made me feel safe and at ease. My room was beautifully decorated, and very well organised with anything one could ever need.

My bed was so comfy, and the underfloor heating was so welcome! Even the beautiful French towels were neatly arranged on the heated towel rail!

I experienced your French cousin, which you prepared with care and love. The ingredients you used, all healthy and beneficial to my specific recovery needs.

Every meal was accompanied with pretty table settings, every day a different theme to uplift me. The pretty fresh flowers on my windowsill was enlightening.

I had absolute no concern about taking medication on time or my wounds being taken care of by you. You re-assured me when I had concerns about the healing process and different stages thereof with such warmth and patience.

I felt so safe and cared for when you stayed with me the first two nights, as the first 48 hours after a procedure are so crucial. I could wake you up with at anytime during the night to assist with pain and discomfort.

I enjoyed our little chats as it made me missed my family less. You even updated Dr Nerina frequently about my progress.

I spent hours in front of the window of your lovely lounge area, watching the guinea fowl with the little chicks! Thank you for transporting me back to the clinic for my first check-up, and for ensuring I felt at ease and comfortable before handing me over to my family.

You are truly the most professional and caring person to fulfil patients’ after care needs.

I am delighted to have met you, and wish you all the best!

I have certainly gained a friend for life!

Much love,


I am not one for writing reviews but simply feel the need to share my recovery experience.

I decided to take the opportunity to recover after my surgical & plastic procedures at Aesthetic

Recovery Care which Nathalie started August 2021.

Her over 30 years expertise between surgical assistant in plastic and cosmetic surgery in theatre, not just in France, but in SA combined, helped me through my 7 day stay recovery.

Nathalie not only has experience in care, but her gentle approach in assisting me through the

process goes beyond the call of duty.

Nathalie’s attention to detail, from freshly prepared, balanced, nutritional meals to the finer detail serving your meal speaks louder than words.

I can most definitely recommend Nathalie’s Aesthetic Recovery Care Centre to anyone.


Nathalie was an Angel. I wish i had stayed longer. Her care was indescribable, the setting beautiful and her food was sublime. My time with Nathalie with her french flair is an essential part of the healing process.

Thank you once again. You are a darling.

Jane Cooper.

What a wonderful stay!

So good meeting you Nathalie…you made me feel welcome and looked after me so well. Thank you once again for your excellent loving care and service, I will always recommend you for a speedy recovery.

Maryna Van Den Heen

I just wanted to thank you once again Nathalie for the professional and meticulous service you offer through your facility. I did my liposuction and never thought and realised how much I would need post-procedure care until after the experience with Nathalie.

My family was not going to be able to provide the specialised services such as Pain Management. I loved the serene, clean and beautiful place. Additionally, I couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative of the nutritional advice, well prepared meals and what to avoid aiding in my recovery.

The best decision I could’ve made for post-operative care with a friendly, extremely professional and attentive person – Nathalie. 

Mandisa Dangazele

The level of compassion, excellence, and professionalism I have experienced at The Cosmetic Surgical Institute when I had a cosmetic procedure done was outstanding. I would like to especially recognize Mrs Nathalie Rogati. Her professionalism, caring, compassion and dedication to ensuring the best possible outcome will be something I will remember and talk   about whenever I speak of the Institute. 


Thank you, Nathalie, for a wonderful experience and a job extremely well done.


I have undergone a facelift at Kingsbury Hospital 1 month ago. I never thought how much I would need post recovery care regarding this fantastic but traumatic procedure. My healing process has been faster thanks to Nathalie’s amazing care, support and high professional  advice.

Her elegant facility with a French Flair surrounded by magnificent scenery is ideal for hiding yourself from family and friends, for taking back your strength psychologically and physically with exquisite nutritional meals adopted to my procedure.

I was aiming to stay 4 nights but I stayed for 7 days!!!

Once again, I wish to thank you so much Nathalie for your incredible service.


Nathalie’s dedication and kindness immediately resonated with me as the patient. Her endeavour is primary, and she lives her passion, which is to provide a place for healing and recovery in the best possible way.

I experienced genuine care, love, professionalism, together with unwavering support from Nathalie during my stay.


Our stay was truly a special and unforgettable one. From the absolutely stunning scenery, to the newly-renovated cottage, and to the magnificent estate that’s conveniently situated in Constantia Nek – it was all perfect to say the least.

If you are looking for a place to relax, take in the incredible Cape Town air and scenery, and enjoy time with your loved ones, this is the place you want to be.

Thank you to the incredible host, Nathalie.

We will definitely be back soon.

Kali & Steven